Buying From Us

"Nope...we can't afford these either"


Our Strategy

As mentioned in About Us, our business idea arose from the desire to taste the Greats of whiskies without going bankrupt. We discovered one way was to look for bottlings of famous distilleries by Independent Bottlers (IB). These outfits send their staff to a distillery to taste and select casks for purchase from the distillery and bottling under their own label, which are usually priced lower than the official distillery bottlings. Want to try a Port Ellen but don't want to pay >$3000 for a Diageo Limited Release? How about a Douglas Laing bottling with close to the same age for around one third the price? This has been our preference, which is why many of the offerings you see here are Independent Bottlings. Of course, not all IBs are the same, and some are better than others. Independent bottlings may also not be "characteristic" of the distillery, but in our humble opinion, that's what makes them interesting! Here at M&E Drinks we source for the most interesting, value-for-money bottles from established IBs. We also explore exclusive single cask bottlings and lesser known distilleries, and when we find surprising quality for not a lot of money, we offer it to you!

Caveat Emptor & Conditions of Sale

We are a small, local set-up, and we focus on rare, aged whiskies and other hard to find liquors. Often, there are only one or two bottles of its kind in our inventory. Therefore, while we hate to do this, we have no choice but to lay down some Conditions of Sale:

1) We CANNOT sell to individuals below 18 years old.

2) Except for certain discounted or fixed price items*, the prices you see (in Singapore Dollars) include all applicable duties & taxes. If your order is $200 or more, we will deliver FREE to anywhere within Singapore (except places where alcohol delivery is not allowed by law). We cannot ship or deliver outside of Singapore, and CANNOT accept Cash On Delivery or cheque payments. You can make payment via Shopify's point of sale with G Pay or credit cards. Alternatively, you have the option at Checkout to pay via PayNow to UEN: 202024245E or via bank transfer (Name: Mande Drinks Pte. Ltd.; Maybank FlexBiz account: 04031050955). Delivery will only be arranged after full payment has been received. 

3) Bottle, carton, stopper, cork and seal: By definition, except for new stock which we procured directly from suppliers, the bulk of our products are pre-owned stock, so a certain degree of wear and tear to the carton (if available) and labels are normal (e.g., creases, nicks and small tears). We will indicate on the product description if there is more wear than is usual for the age of the bottle. We guarantee that the bottles will be delivered to you sealed, with the caps / stoppers intact. However, we cannot promise that some old corks won't break apart after initial opening and re-capping. If you are planning on drinking your whisky over multiple sessions, we suggest keeping some caps / stoppers from recently drunk bottles handy as replacements.

4) On delivery of the items, we request that you carefully inspect the bottles and confirm that they are in satisfactory condition. Please be reminded that aged, vintage bottles are purchased at buyers’ risk. We do not accept return or refund after customer has taken delivery of the bottle(s)**.

*Certain discounted or fixed price products will attract a 4% surcharge on checkout for credit card payments. No surcharge is payable for PayLah / PayNow.

**This is the same wording that major stores like Oaks in Singapore use for their vintage wines, except whiskies are more resilient against environmental stresses than wines.