About Us

Elise looking at a tree outside Glenmorangie Distillery, July 2017.

Thanks so much for visiting M&E Drinks! We are a small licensed liquor business (Mande Drinks Pte. Ltd.) run by Mitch & Elise, a husband and wife team from Singapore. Our business idea germinated after we fell in love with Scotch (along with the land, culture and cuisine) on a recent vacation to the Scottish Highlands. Once back we (i.e., Mitch) scoured the local shops for the rare, topshelf whiskies, but soon realized they were either not available in Singapore and / or too expensive. We widened our search to shops overseas while on business trips, auctions, raided friends' cupboards, and before long found that we (i.e., Mitch) acquired more bottles than we can reasonably drink, even with friends. We also wanted to take advantage of volume purchases to save on transport and other costs. Thus began this humble set-up. Elise is the Boss and spiritual center of the business, while Mitch does the heavy lifting (literally...whiskies are heavy). As we are whisky lovers first and foremost, every bottle we offer for sale here at M&E is one we ourselves will have no hesitation to buy and drink in a heartbeat (well, except maybe the Port Ellen's and Karuizawa's, those we drink on really SPECIAL occasions).

So, thanks again for visiting, and feel free to look around. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all. And if you decide to buy a bottle or two from us, THANK YOU. While we probably need to keep our day jobs, all proceeds will go toward more great whiskies to be savoured, cherished and shared.

Sláinte Mhath!

Mitch & Elise,

M&E Drinks